"Hip hop is the voice of this generation. Even if you didn’t grow up in the Bronx in the ‘70s, hip-hop is there for you. It has become a powerful force. Hip-hop binds all of these people, all of these nationalities, all over the world together."

DJ Kool Herc
Aimed to the people who say that I can’t have a passion for Hip-Hop because I was either not there when it came up, or because I’m not from America. (via old-school-shit)

(via underground-hiphop)


Is there solace for the prodigal savant
Searching for light in the darkest of hollows
Alone in starkness, surrounded by the enemy
smothered by enmity that follows them
hauntingly like a ghost
from room to room, life to life
day to day casting shadows
Myopically arrested;
the apotheosis of neurosis
no sleep for weeks, in a smoky daze of
soul crushing Kafkan psychosis
Do not look for me there, my…

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Praying the void will swallow you whole

legs that shake, unwilling to go

Hungering for return on quid pro quo

Long since having lost all control